A Wyld Scavenger Hunt - Convention Scenario of Nobilis 3rd Edition

As the assorted powers of your Imperator, the Lord of the Wyld Hunt, you have all assembled at this convention, at this time, and this table. It is now time to reveal your Noble nature and seek out the strange objects and ideas your lord has charged you with assembling.

The premise is simple. The players are playing themselves, but as Nobilis. Each picks an Estate, describes themselves with skills and passions, further customizes their Noble with a few Estate Properties, Bonds, and Afflictions. Then give them a list of seven or so things they need to get inside of the other games occuring during your time slot or risk making their Imperator sorely cross.

From here on out it becomes a game of Noble problem solving, getting into trouble with bonds and afflictions and getting out of them with miracles or more mundane methods. As the Hollyhock remember to jump freely between prosaic and mythic realities, in and out of the game worlds your Nobles will be exploring.

When I ran this at Dreamation 2012, some of the scavenger hunt items were: a token of Kagematsu's Love (freely given), a washed-up actor's career (from a theatrical Fiasco game), a Great Old One (from a Trail of Cthulhu game), a vicious betrayal (from a Hunger Games themed Mispent Youth game), and a mating pair of Shab Al-Hiri roaches. But a big part of the fun of this scenario is customizing the list to what is playing during your time slot. Enjoy!