Silver Garden Games - Genetic System

The Genetic System is a simple multi-genre RPG based off the d20 system. While the two systems share a common root, and such aspects as abilities, skills, and saves, there are many differences. Unlike d20, the genetic system embraces the dual use of skills and saves as the core of the system. In nearly all cases, when a player actively attempts something a skill will be required, while if a player is doing something more passively a save is used. Unlike d20, which singles out combat as a special type of action, the genetic system avoids this distinction, combat uses skills and saves like other dramatic actions. Because of this additional elements from d20 have been removed. You won't find attack bonuses, armor class, or hit points.

Fundamentally the genetic system favors flexibility. Each level a character takes is in a custom class created by the player, by choosing among skills and feats. When character's are faced with adverse consequences, the player can choose to wound them to play it safe, or risk it all on the roll of a save. Unlike d20, the genetic system gives the players and the GM the tools needed to build characters and games that are uniquely their own, growing from a common basis.

Dragon Gate (pdf) - After an ontological apocalypse the entire universe is a void with seven dragons, such as Ialdaboth and Demiurge, much larger than planets. These great Dragons are connected by gates and void crossing ships, and are the natural source of different types of magic.