Silver Garden Games: 200 Word RPG Challenge 2017 - Eight Facets of the City

Play this game on a shuffled deck of playing cards including jokers (54 cards total), using a pen.
For eight rounds, separate out a pile of seven cards (face down). The symbols for each round are circle, triangle, X, square, spiral, star, ?, and |||.
1) Deal (from the pile) one card portrait-style write a name and/or title on the top edge and a further detail on the bottom edge.
2) Deal one card landscape and one card portrait (to the right, in a line). On the second portrait card, if it is unnamed, write a name and/or title and a detail.
3) Then on the landscape card write a place found in the city on the top and a further detail on the bottom. This should relate to the people in the two portrait cards.
4) Collect the left portrait card and put it on the bottom of the pile, then do the same with the landscape.
5) Repeat from (2), until you get a named landscape.
6) Then draw the symbol prominently on each of the seven cards.
Advice: Use associations, but don't force them. Try to let yourself discover what each symbol represents in your city.
Licensed under CC-BY 4.0 license.