Silver Garden Games: 2006 Game Chef - A Full Course of Love And Death

These games are designed to be played in order, reincorporating events and characters as you go. I designed each of them as five-player GM-less, each taking a different tact on GM-less play.

  1. Escape from Prince Charming (pdf) - a trick taking narrative of princesses escaping to a better life or meeting various dark fates.
  2. Someone To Love (pdf) - a round-robin dating game in the afterlife.
  3. Marraige of Persephone (pdf) - a two stage game of performing heroic feats to setup the wedding and to perform for the favor of the gods during it.
  4. One More Hour (pdf) - the greatest of heroes returning to life for just one hour must choose between saving the world and undoing their regrets.
  5. That Oh So Little Death (pdf) - a game of the sacred and the profane.