April’s Game-a-Day Showcase

Over at Story Games, I’ve been posting one of my existing games each day. While my immediate intention is to show these games to folks who may not have seen them and may want to play them, this exercise has also served to remind me of some of these games and their current states.

I’ve worked out a draft list of games over the course of this month, and looking at some of them, I realize there are playtest concerns which haven’t been met or even just documents which aren’t up to date. In the background I’ve been updating. This has given me the impetus to revise the Coming of Age 3.0.0 main text and come up with a more compact refactoring of Savagery, my game of emotional violence.

Moving forward I hope to be writing up the Savagery changes, as well as working on refactoring Requiem for a GM and assembling the Metatopia feedback for Homeworld Project.

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